May 18, 2008



UKに住んでた時に一時期やってて、Liverpool FCのマッチレポートとか書いてたこともあって、ある検索サイトでヒット高かったらしくていろんな見知らぬ人からコンタクトあったけど。





細かいものを除いて、「North America Rail Pass」もしっかり入手したし、ホテルの予約もツアーや各種チケットの手配も完了!あとは旅行期間中ずっと天気に恵まれて、サプライズも含めて楽しいこと尽くめで、トラブルなく無事に帰途に着くことを祈るのみ!


It's been a long time since the last time I blogged!

I used to blog, when I was still living in the UK, and attracted a fair amount of hits from search engines and contacts from around the world thanks to all the match reports I wrote after Liverpool games.

I guess now it is time to start blogging again...

In two weeks time, I will be leaving the company that I have worked for the last 10 years. It really feels surreal that I am leaving, especially after spending 10 years with this company and I have made so many friends through work all over the world. But the days are numbered.

Although there are still a number of good people and capable people working there whom I will miss immensely, this company has changed in many ways - both good and bad. Some people seem to get promoted purely out of luck, while more and more people seem happy playing politics, sucking up to whoever necessary, or even copy or stick their name on someone else's work or ideas. Hopefully, justice will be served one day. I am not gonna miss those people for sure, but will certainly miss all these good people, capable people, and most importantly my friends.

As soon as I leave the company, my 'North America Rail Trip' with my girlfriend will start.

Other than tiny stuff, everything is all set from 'North America Rail Pass' to hotels, tours, and event tickets! I just hope that weather will be nice throughout the whole trip, with lots of fun, and will come back home safe with no problems!

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