Jun 25, 2008

Back to the Reality

I still cannot believe that 25 days have gone past and now our North American journey is over. In fact, both Teruko and I are still wondering how we managed to finish our trip virtually problem/error-free within our planned time frame.

Our trip was packed with cities and towns to visit, lots of places and events to see, tons of food to eat, over 14,000KM to travel, and lots of fun. It really was the best trip I have ever done!

I wonder what it would be like traveling on my own for so long by train, but I am really glad that Teruko and I did it together. I guess, although you could chat with people especially while on a train, it would be a bit lonely traveling alone.

We were really tired after the 25 days of traveling and coming back late after traveling for 2 days with 5 connections we had to do. After sleeping until almost lunch time, we went to Gyoza King on Robson for lunch. After 2.5 years living two blocks from the place, I found out they do lunch. After that, we did a bit of shopping since Teruko wanted to buy some souvenirs for her family and friends. Also after 2.5 years of living in Vancouver, I got to realise there are quite a few souvenirs shops on Robson. Now I know there are so many things that I have yet to find out about this city!

We also went to Madang Coul, my favorite Korean restaurant, on Robson for dinner. Madang Coul serves traditional Korean food that is excellent and is priced reasonably. It was funny that the girl who took our order somehow misunderstood what I wanted - I wanted Bibinbap with small Kimuchi soup that normally comes with Bulgogi. Instead, I ended up eating what I normally eat here, which is Bulgogi with Kimchi soup. Did they think I never eat anything else? :-)

Once we finished our meal, we decided to have an early night simply because we are tired...

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