Jun 13, 2008

Day 14 - New York to Boston

We had to get up at 5:00AM this morning because we were catching a train up to Boston at 7:00AM. We left our hotel before 6:00AM, and were amazed by the amount of cars and people in the city at such early hours.

As the train goes alongside seashore, combined with beautiful weather, we could see some beautiful views of harbour towns.

The train arrived in Boston with only a few minutes delay, and we could tell, as soon as we got outside, that it's going to be another scorching weather coming up today.

We arrived at our hotel La Cappella Suites shortly after 11:00, so it was not a surprise that our room was not ready yet. We left our suitcases in the hallway, and headed for a bit of touring of Boston city.

It has been almost 3 years since the last time I was in this city, and it was nice to see that things didn't seem to change much. This is the first time visiting Boston for Teruko, and as soon as we started walking by the Commercial Wharf and Long Wharf in North End, she sensed that she's going to like this city very much.

We walked around the wharfs that looked beautiful under a clear blue sky, which was followed by walks around the Quincy Market, Faneul Hall, and Old State House. As soon as it hit the noon, the area was suddenly packed with lots of people, including business people, family, tourists, and groups of kids. This is supposedly a weekday, me thinks, so we were puzzled why there were so many kids hanging around. We decided to carry on with a bit more walk so that we can get a seat easily at a restaurant.

After more walk, we grabbed an outdoor table at the Legal Sea Foods by the harbour, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Boston since one of my old colleagues took me out there. We stuffed ourselves with some fine seafood, plus Boston Cream Pie, and Teruko could tell why I like this restaurant so much.

Because our room should be ready by now, we went back to our hotel. This hotel in the North End district of Boston is such a pretty hotel both inside and outside. We really liked the whole set up, including our room, the kitchen area, and let's not forget our own balcony!

While relaxing in the hotel, I accidentally found out that the play-off time for the Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Oriors game we were going to had changed to 1hr earlier. Thank god we realised this. We decided to walk through the Boston Common, a beautiful park right in the middle of downtown, to get to the Fenway Park. It was a long walk, but I couldn't wait to get to the stadium!

I was very excited to be at the Fenway Park, and what a view we got! Our seats were quite frankly perfect! And what a game we had! Although I was dreading a tight game after the first few innings, Red Sox absolutely hammered Orioles in the end. Both Teruko and I were so excited to see Mike Lowell's grand slam - I used to go to baseball games in Tokyo quite often, but I don't think I have ever seen a grand slam live. Thanks Red Sox, we thoroughly enjoy the game!

Once we got back to the North End area by tram, which was packed with Red Sox fans as though we were on a commuter train in Tokyo, we had a dinner at Wagamama. What we had are far from authentic Japanese, but funnily enough both of us quite liked our meal. Scary someone who used to resent fusion Japanese food now really likes it...

As we switched on a telly after coming back to our hotel, the news show was talking about overall food issues, including quality and price, at Fenway Park. This was such a coincidence since we were talking about it on our way back as we decided against eating at the stadium. Quite frankly everything is overpriced for junk food there. It is good to see that the media is picking up on issues like this as we, as tourists, had to put up with such rip-off food and drinks on various occasions so far. Instead of going for such a manipulative approach and forcing their customers to pay the price, companies should really look into how they can make profit in a healthy manner.

Anyhow, the day in Boston was one fine day!

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