Jun 14, 2008

Day 15 - Boston to Philadelphia

Tiredness was catching up on us a bit, and we were in a lovely bed and breakfast. These excuses were enough for us to wake up a bit later than usual, which I am still not sure was a right decision or not because of the event that followed.

La Cappella Suites offer a lot of things that we can eat on a 'help yourself' basis, and we had a very relaxed breakfast and a cup of coffee. When I was having a shower, Teruko knocked on the door to the bathroom and went 'It's already 10:00AM!' WTF????? Already 10:00 flipping AM????? I couldn't believe how quickly time went because we were catching a train to Philadelphia at 11:00AM. I rushed out of the bathroom (thank God I had finished with pretty much everything!), started packing up (which Teruko helped me with), and rushed out of the hotel at around 10:20AM. After we gave up on taxi that we called, we were fortunate to find a taxi that was available on the main street. We ended up having plenty of time enough to grab coffee, sweets, and all that at the Boston South station.

La Cappella is an excellent bed and breakfast in the heart of Boston. This place might become the accommodation of our trip.

The train we took was the same as the one from New York, but going the other way, which meant that we were able to see some pretty seaside towns along the way again. We had some light bites of bagles and all that that we grabbed from our hotel on the train. The train arrived in Philadelphia with only a few minutes delay.

Once we checked into our today's accommodation Alexander Inn, we headed out pretty much straightaway to our only activity today - to see my slide guitar hero Sonny Landreth at the World Live Cafe.

Unfortunately, we struggled to buy tokens for the Metro, and things got worse. The lady at the 13th station window says just put in the $20 note I had and a ticketing machine will give me the right amount of tokens and change, while we only needed two tokens. The ticketing machine ended up giving me tons of tokens, as though I am a commuter here. I went back to the window and that lady said I need to go to the 11th station. I was livid as we did exactly as this woman told us, and once a mistake was made she cannot even give us refund. Because I was not overly impressed and time being wasted, we decided to head to the World Live Cafe and to sort things out afterwards.

We couldn't find the entrance on the address, and what we could find is a huge concrete building that looks like nobody occupies. In the end, we found the entrance on the opposite side of the building one block away. Phew, this venue did exist!

Once we went inside and got our reserved tickets, I spotted Judy who runs Sonny's Krewe and supports Sonny pretty much a whole year. We met each other at the Yale in Vancouver back in November last year, and it was so nice to see her again! We exchanged a few words, and she told me to stay on for a bit of a chat and photoshooting with Sonny after the show. Immediately, the frustration I had at the Metro station disappeared, and adrenalin starting pumping throughout my system.

The band who opened the night for Sonny was pretty good, and I thought they could play a few more songs. No, they couldn't. I want Sonny on the stage as soon as possible!

The time they were setting things up for Sonny after the first band felt like forever. And here comes Sonny. Woohoo! OMG, I don't know how to describe Sonny's performance because it was quite simply... sensational! It seemed to me that Sonny was in a very good spirit and was on fire tonight. This slide is exactly what I was looking for... no, more than what I was looking for. I just cannot describe Sonny's original, creative, and dynamic slide in words. You have got to listen to it and see it. I was so into it that I didn't realise Sonny performed for 2hrs and time was up. Unsurprisingly, Sonny received a round of standing ovation from the crowd for his amazing show. I wanted to see him play more songs, but I was more than satisfied by his phenomenal performance. Unlike the show I saw in Vancouver, Sonny deliberately didn't perform some of his "classic" songs. Rightly so as he just released a new album.

After the show, we met Judy and Russ for a long chat while I bought a new Sonny T-shirt and his new album (yay!) and Teruko grabbed one for her brother. Judy also introduced us to Sonny's fantastic drummer Mike. And... the moment has arrived! Time to chat with Sonny! He is such a genuine and generous guy. He talked to many people tonight after such a powerful 2hrs show, and still was happy to chat to us a lot. He seemed very thrilled about the deals he managed to get for distribution around the world with his independent label. And he said that it is likely that he might come to Japan next year. Both Teruko and I told him that he really needs to come over. Again, Sonny generously signed my new CD and T-shirt and also had photos taken with us. After thanking him for his performance, time for our chat, autograph and photos, we said goodbye to him and Judy.

As we headed to the 30th Metro station to get back to our hotel, we saw a fair amount of buildings being lit up in the city. We weren't quite sure what they were, but could tell that this city likes to lighten things up.

We had few activities today due to traveling, but this was more than made up by Sonny's show. Thank you, Sonny!

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