Jun 16, 2008

Day 17 - Baltimore

What a stunning day we had!

We were a little bit lazy today (again) and got up about 8:00AM, which meant that we didn't bother with breakfast.

Our first destination was, again, a place that is the most far away from our accommodation - Fort McHenry. We came here by Water Taxi, which is a brilliant way to get around Baltimore as it only costs $9 for unlimited daily travel. Fort McHenry is the place where the US National Anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner” was born. The story behind it, which is all about the Battle of Baltimore where the British invasion failed, sounds very similar to the story about how a Japanese word 'kamikaze' was born. Because of the shape of the fort, I think it would be a great idea to have some sort of an observation deck from where you can get a n ariel view of the fort.

After our visit to Fort McHenry, we had a very nice lunch at the John Stevens restaurant in Fells Point. Fells Point is a pretty area to walk around. It was a shame that a lot of the shops in this area were closed on the day.

We also had a very nice walk around the Harbour Place and Science Center, including a visit to the Federal Hill Park where you can get an excellent view of the Baltimore harbour. Because this is such a great place for photoshoot, we decided to come back here around the sunset time later on. Like our usual sightseeing, we started walking around the city. I must say that, because Baltimore was included as an emergency measure, both Teruko and I were pleasantly surprised how pleasant Baltimore city is inside downtown. Because leg muscle behind my right knee started playing up just like it has been niggling for a few months, it was a bit painful to walk or bend my knees from time to time.

We went back to our hotel to chill out for a bit after a long walk. As we started seeing some beautiful sunset from our room, I suggested that we walk to the Federal Hill Park for a night view of the city. We were greeted by some wonderful view of the harbour city. Before we started our trip, I wanted to show Teruko this view, so I was delighted that we got a perfect view we were looking for.

Although the harbour was still quite busy on a Sunday, a lot of the restaurants there appeared to close around 10:00PM. Fortunately, M & S Grill was still open. Their service was a bit average, but we had some delightful dinner to finish off our stay in Baltimore.

Again, this city was a very pleasant surprise for us. We had a fabulous time here, and staying in Sheraton for free with my Aeroplan mileage made it feel even much much better!

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