Jun 6, 2008

Day 7 - Jasper to Toronto (Part 2)

My goodness we had such a good and long sleep!

Unlike the Economy class on airplane, the VIA Rail equivalent for the cross-Canada railway is spacious and the seat reclines very nicely. I believe I had at least 10 hours sleep. Shocking.

It turned out that the family who sat across the isle from us is originally from the UK and now living on Vancouver Island. So we already have things in common, but this was not enough. John, the husband, is a journalist and used to work for Oxford Mail back in the UK and spoke to the spokesperson for the company I used to work for on several occasions for his work. My goodness. He writes a lot of stuff about high tech issues, especially digital media issues, and we had some very interesting conversations for a long time. He seems like a very sound bloke, and I began to like him more as we exchanged more words.

As we said goodbye to the stunning view of the Rocky Mountains yesterday, we continued to see a very flat field that seems to continue for ever. It was a bit of a relief that we had a break for half an hour once we arrived at the Winnipeg station. Unlike the Edmonton station, which is miles away from downtown and tiny (I mean, tiny), this station is probably a bit bigger than the Vancouver station. Although seemingly not much to see, we stretched our legs by going for a quick walk and, once finished, we grabbed ice cream at the station. The chap who served us was very generous in giving us a huge portion and the ice cream itself was so tasty.

As our train journey continues, we started seeing more and more lakes from small one to big one. Honestly, trees and waters make such a huge difference to the view from the window. Looking at our own train going alongside a lake from the panorama window is very cool.

We sat with a couple who is from Tasmania and now living in Brisbane, Australia for dinner. These people used babysitting for their daughter living in Vancouver as a good excuse for coming to North America. Like myself living outside of the country I was born, the more I talk to strangers the more it is so common these days that a lot of people in my generation these days live outside their homeland. They have also been to Japan a few times, and the husband goes 'Oishiidesu!' (it means 'it is delicious'). The way he said it was cute and made me and Teruko laugh.

Once we finished our dinner, we went back up to the panorama room where we ended up seeing an amazing sunset. I have seen some gorgeous sunsets during my holiday in the past, but this one certainly ranks up among the top three. We could not help but talking tons of photos.

One more night to sleep on this train.

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