Jun 26, 2008

One final day as x3 years old...

This was the last day of me being 33 years old. Am I really 33? I am sure everyone thinks they are much younger than they really are, but I feel like my mental growth stopped after becoming 20.

Again, we had a lazy morning just messing about. By the time we realised, it was already lunchtime. We didn't have any particular appetite, so we decided to nip into Taste of India, an Indian restaurant as the name might suggest, on Robson for lunch. Because it was already 2:00PM, there were no customers in the restaurant. Because no customers were around, we thought we would get a decent service. We didn't. The lady who served us really didn't look like she wanted to work, and it showed in her body language and the way she spoke to us. She even took away a plate that Teruko hadn't finished just yet. I ordered Chicken Curry, but she brought Lamb Curry instead. The food was very ordinary, and I don't think I would ever go back there again. I had really good Indian curry while living in the UK, so I am really fussed about my curry. Vancouver is fantastic for food, but good curry is one thing that is missing from this town.

After we did cloths shopping with an excuse of 'they are on sale', we headed to a few jewelry shop to find an engagement ring for Teruko. Honestly, I knew it was going to be hard finding a ring that we both like, but it was such a bloody hard work! With me not fully recovered from our trip and having a cold, it really didn't help. Fortunately, though, two shops had a promising ring respectively. By the end of the evening, we both knew that we wanted the ring we found at the Ann Louise. So we went back and asked them to adjust the size of the ring. I cannot believe that Teruko's size is 3.75 though!

For dinner, we quite fancied trying out this new Japanese bar Kakurenbou that is around the corner from my apartment. I knew they were working on this place for the last few months, and they just opened recently while we were traveling. You could tell that they just started doing business from the way their waitresses were dealing with things, but it didn't bother us at all. They offered some authentic and good Japanese food that is priced reasonably. They seem to have worked really hard on interior, and have got some distinctive atmosphere. I would certainly go back there, and also recommend to others. I hope this place will do well, because the last few restaurants that had occupied the same building didn't do well at all and all shut down in one or two months.

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Geek said...

Wait - so you got engaged!? Congratulations!! Are you planning on moving back to Japan to get married, or do it in North America?