Jun 27, 2008

They think it's all over... it is now!

My time as 33 years old is over. I am now officially 34. Damn... is there any way we can get younger each year?

We had to get up early since we decided to join a whale watching tour with Wild Whales Vancouver today. We contemplated going to Steveston to join a tour, but decided to join this one instead because it departs and comes right back to Downtown Vancouver.

Paulo, our guide, was very friendly and informative. We were very impressed by him going around talking to every single person on tour while we had probably about 20 or more. This is a stark difference from the whale watching tour we joined last summer with Orca Spirit. With Orca Spirit, we only had a few minutes of whale watching, while whales were out there, purely because they had another tour afterwards and we had a long journey back. The disappointment was magnified by the fact that their crew was far from friendly and helpful.

Just like last summer, our trip was a long one and ended up going through the San Juan Island in the US. Although it was a long journey, Paulo talking about the animals, nature, and so on and chatting made it feel it wasn't as long as it really was.

The weather wasn't perfect, but we were rewarded with some whale sighting. Paolo was telling us that having people with their birthday or anniversary on board is good luck, so I was somewhat relieved that I "played a role" here! We were quite far away from the whales swimming around and hunting, but had a fair amount of time for whale watching. One of the other whale watching boats around was lucky as one whale started swimming near them. Jammy bastards! Although from a distance, we were able to see a decent amount including a parent whale and its kid swimming together. We wish we'd seen them at close-up, but there are rules to follow here and it's much better than not seeing a single whale during a tour.

During the tour, we also saw other natural habitats including Sea Lions, Sea Otters, Eagles, and so on. We saw two eagles lined up together, which is quite rare to see, on way back to Vancouver.

It was really cold as we traveled further, but it was a good way to celebrate my birthday with Teruko. Perhaps a revenge from last year accomplished?!

We were feeling really cold even after we came back to the Granville Island in Vancouver, so we had to rush to a shop to grab a cup of coffee!

Teruko was treating me for birthday dinner today, so we decided to go to Alpha Global Sushi and Bar. This place has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants in Vancouver. Teruko also likes it, which is a bonus. It was so nice to be able to enjoy food without worrying about my wallet tonight! :-)

After dinner, we went to collect the engagement ring we ordered. The ring was in an excellent shape, although they had to resize quite a bit. I must say I cannot believe I was so excited about a ring! It's good to see that Teruko is extremely pleased with the ring, which is the most important here.

We were supposed to be going for chocolate fondue, but we are so knackered that we decided to cancel it. Gutted, but we really cannot move out of the sofa!

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