Jun 30, 2008

Torres wins EURO 2008 for Spain

The better side won the EURO 2008 final, that's for sure.

Spain could have also won the game by two three nil, but Torres' striker's strike was enough to give Spain, who has been a major underachiever in any tournaments, the first title of any sorts in 44 years.

It has to be said, though, that Spain looked nervy and used far too many long balls in the first ten minutes. During the same period, Germany looked more incisive and determined.

But once the Spaniards got going, it was the Germans' who lost composure and started struggling to move the ball forward. The Germany's weakest link - leaky defene especially the centre backs - started showing more and more holes in their own back, or Spain started exploiting it to be more precise.

Torres' goal, made from a through ball by Cesc Fabregas, was an absolute beauty. Torres, a formidable striker for Liverpool, was not supposed to be the first to get the ball, but what a goal!

In the end, I think Spain dominated the whole game and was the well-deserved winner. In fact, it looks like the best performer of the tournament won it. Germany always pulls off when it matters, but not this time. With that kind of shambolic defense, you cannot get away for so long.

The Italian officials had a shocker, especially the referee Roberto Rosetti, but they were lucky that there wasn't anything controversial in the game. Their decisions were classic light-weight ones.

I am pleased that Spain won EURO 2008 not because they have three or four Liverpool players in their squard but because they really played all-round attractive attacking football. Unfortunately, I have not seen much of EURO 2008 because I have been traveling almost throughout June. It's very uncommon for me not to follow a major tournament in recent years because I have been to the last two World Cups and EURO 2004. But even football cannot replace my North America Rail Trip with Teruko. I cannot believe a football maniac like myself just said this....


圧倒的に優勢なチームがEURO 2008 決勝戦を制した。







スペインが勝ってよかったと思う。特に僕のサポートするリバプールの選手が3、4人いるからということではなくて、もっともオールラウンドで、魅力的な攻撃型のサッカーを見せたから。EURO 2008 は6月中ほとんど旅行してたということもあって、あまりちゃんと見ることができなかった。主要大会をあまり見ないと言うのは過去2回のワールドカップ、前回のヨーロッパ選手権を見に行ってるここ数年の僕には考えられないこと。でもてるちゃんとの北アメリカ大紀行には、サッカーですら敵いません。って、サッカーきちがいの自分がそんなことを言ってるのが信じられないんだけど…。

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