Jul 29, 2008

Another good sushi bar in Vancouver - バンクーバーの美味しいお寿司屋さんをもう一つ

Today, I found another good sushi bar in downtown Vancouver.

In fact, Hide-San took me to this sushi bar today instead of going for our usual Japanese Sake bar type place. His decision turned out to be a really good one!

Okada Sushi on Nelson Street is another fine and authentic Sushi restaurant run by Japanese people. I heard the name in the past, but didn't even know where the restaurant is for the last 2.5 years. Scary...

We had a lot of fine dishes from orthodox sushi to various seafood dishes that may be considered "niche" even in Japan. Their 'neta' or fish is very fresh, so the food offered very rich taste.

Surprise, surprise, Hide-San and I drank quite a bit too...

The waitress, who is from Osaka and served us, was also very friendly and helpful. She's from a city quite close to where I used to live, so the three of us chatted for quite a bit. It sounds like she is intending to stay in Vancouver permanently. It made me think about people come and go in one place, and I am one of those on way out.








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