Jul 13, 2008

Busy, busy, busy - 忙しい!

Why am I busy while being jobless?

It turned out to be a really busy day meeting my old colleagues today. I met up with an old colleague of mine with whom I worked closely for lunch at Gyoza King. I am really glad to hear that things are working out really well for him at his new employer. He deserves it after a bit of a nightmare he had at his previous full-time employer. Having said that, where's my commission for giving such a good character reference?!

Just like yesterday, I wandered around downtown Vancouver in the afternoon. This is good not just because I get to enjoy the beautiful Vancouver but also because I am doing a bit of "exercise"! I just love the view of the water, mountains, and skyscrapers of downtown Vancouver from the Granville Bridge. It's probably one of the best downtown views that I have come across.

It was also nice to meet another of my old colleague for coffee in downtown. Although we had nothing in common in terms of work (other than the company we worked for), we got to chat quite a bit thanks to being in the same bay in the office. I really miss those quality people like her from the office.

The day finished with a visit to Big Rich's, *another* of my old colleagues. I was annoyed by the local taxi companies for not showing up for bloody 30mins though! It was also really nice to see the boys for the first time in almost a year. It's amazing to see how much kids grow in such a short space of time! It's the first time I saw their new baby. OMG, she's so small and cute!

It's funny that it's literally just about same time 3 years ago when I went to Rich's house for the first time when I came to Vancouver on business trip. Time flies really really quickly. I thought, at that time, that I was gonna live in Vancouver for good, but things change so quickly and dramatically. Instead, after 10 years of living aboard, I am moving back to Japan.








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