Jul 27, 2008

Celebration of Light (2) - バンクーバー花火大会②

I heard a few bang from outside while chatting to Teru-Chan. I looked outside thinking that someone might be doing fireworks around Coal Harbour. No, I could see nothing. Then I started hearing constant bang, which made me realise that today was the second day of the Celebration of Light in Vancouver.

Although I can only see maximum four times a year, one of the good things about my apartment is that I can see bits and pieces of the fireworks from the living.

Even from my apartment at a distance, I could tell that United States, today's country, was better than Canada on Wednesday. The US had more dynamic, larger and colourful fireworks.

Just like I am gonna miss the view of the harbour and the mountains, I am going to miss the view of the fireworks from my apartment!


てるちゃんと話してるときに、外から爆発音が何回か聞こえた。誰かがコール・ハーバーで花火でもやってるのか、と思って外を見るけど何も見えない。しばらくして、爆音がコンスタントに聞こえて初めて今日がバンクーバーの Celebration of Light の二日目だということを思い出した。




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