Jul 31, 2008

Celebration of Light (3) - バンクーバー花火大会③

On the eve of leaving my apartment, we had the third day of the Celebration of Light in Vancouver.

For the last supper at "Casa de Masa", I decided to spoil ourselves a little bit by getting two sets of deluxe sushi for two plus a few fancy rolls from Asahi-ya on Robson.

Although the server promised that it would take 20 minutes, it took twice as long in the end. While waiting, Sam-Cham and Nori-Chan arrived at my apartment. I got frustrated by the delay, but this disappointment turned into delight.

What we had was a mixture of orthodox Japanese Sushi and fusion roll Sushi, which was worth waiting... and worth the money I spent for the Last Supper at the "Casa de Masa"!

The fireworks, done by China, were spectacular and colourful. They had a lot of huge fireworks as well as smaller ones that we could see from my living room. I was glad that Sam-Chan, Nori-Chan, and Shoko-Chan, who arrived a bit later, all enjoyed the fireworks from my apartment.

It was a fun night of food, drink, fireworks, and great company, which made the last night at the "Casa de Masa" special.


アパートを出る前の最後の夜、バンクーバーではCelebration of Lightの3日目が行われた。

"Casa de Masa (まさの家)"での最後の晩餐ということもあって、奮発してロブソンにある朝日屋で二人前のデラックス寿司セットを二つと巻物をとることにした。


オーソドックスな日本の寿司とフュージョンの巻物を食べたのだけど、待った甲斐があった~ぁ。そして"Casa de Masa"での最後の晩餐ということもあり奮発した甲斐があった!


美味しい食べ物、お酒、花火、そして楽しい仲間が揃った夜、"Casa de Masa"での最後の夜を特別なものにしてくれた。

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