Jul 25, 2008

Celebration of Light (1) - バンクーバー花火大会①

Just like my usual holiday trip, I had to get up early this morning to catch an early train from Seattle back up to Vancouver. Last night, I stayed at the house of Jared, my old business partner who kindly offered to put me up.

Although the weather didn't cooperate with me, the train trip to Vancouver was very pleasant. Because I couldn't get a window seat, I ended up "stuck" in the restaurant coach for much of the trip. While absorbing the view of the west coast, I also had a long chat with a guy from Seattle who was going to Vancouver to manage an event for Microsoft. This meant that it really felt like the trip was short. Despite the slight delay at the beginning, our train arrived at Vancouver station on time.

I met up with a few of my new friends for lunch today. This also led to meeting a few more new people. I can't believe I met a guy who used to live within a few blocks from one of my good old friends in Boston. Not only that, he was one of the artists who had their paintings up for the show at an art gallery I went last week. Scary! It really goes to show that Vancouver is such a small city, and this world is also so small. Also, as much as it's great to have met these cool people, it also makes me feel more sad that I am going to leave Vancouver soon.

We all had such a good time together that we all ended up going to see the 'Celebration of Light' fireworks together in English Bay. Today was the first of its series for this year, and it was Canada's turn. They kept the huge fireworks towards the end, which were spectacular, and I thought it was a good show. Fireworks in North America are very different from the ones we see in Japan. Although I prefer the powerful yet sensitive fireworks we can see in Japan to the pretty and more creative ones in North America, I would not say which one is better because they are just different.

The group carried on with a bit of "partying", and we ended up playing card games until 2:00AM! It's not only the first time I played card games in years, it's also the first time I stayed up late playing games in years!

I had such a good laugh and great company today. Many thanks go to Noriko, and the rest!





みんな仲良くなったところで、みんなでバンクーバーの花火大会'Celebration of Light'をイングリッシュ・ベイに一緒に見に行くことに。今日が今年の花火の第一日目で、今日はカナダの日。おっきくてすごい花火は最後にとっておいたものの、なかなかの花火だった。北アメリカで見れる花火は日本で見れる迫力のある花火とかなり違う。僕はどちらかというと、見た目が可愛らしくてクリエイティブな北アメリカの花火よりは日本の迫力がありかつ繊細な花火の方が好き。でも、単に違う、っていうだけであって、どっちがどっちより良いということではない。



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