Jul 20, 2008

Coal Harbour, Vancouver - コール・ハーバー in バンクーバー

It was such a beautiful summer day in Vancouver.

When I woke up this morning, today looked like a day that's going be a mixture of clouds and patchy sun. It changed straightaway to a beautiful sunny day by noon. I wasted no time to go out and soak the Vancouver sun.

It was so relaxing to sunbathe in Coal Harbour. It's also good that the park in Coal Harbour is far from as crowded as English Bay or Kitsilano, which means that you really can have your own space without noise and relax.

As it reached mid-afternoon, I took a walk from Coal Harbour to Stanley Park. It's been a while since the last time I walked around the park. I have been spoiled, really, living only a few blocks from such a beautiful waterfront in Downtown Vancouver. I really feel, now, that I took it for granted because of the view I can get from my living room and all that. Or am I feeling this way because my days in Vancouver are numbered? I will really miss this beautiful city, which has (almost) everything anyone wishes for. Hopefully I will come back to this city sooner or later in my life again.

In the evening, I spoke to Sandor for the first time in months over Skype. It's really good to realise that, just like the good friends I have in the UK and Vancouver, truly good friends remain good friends with me. It's also amazing to see how much Jackson, Sandor's beautiful boy, grew up. It's really cool to see him call me 'Dodgy!' when I appeared on their computer screen! Also, it's amazing to see Jackson recognise Liverpool FC logo! It's nice to see Sandor bring Jackson up "in a right way" as much as I thought he is a typical sales man! :-P







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