Jul 12, 2008

Fine Sushi in Vancouver - バンクーバーの美味しいお寿司屋さん

In Vancouver, you can get all sorts of food from all over the world.

One thing, however, that is available more than any other food is Sushi. I don't think there's any argument about that one.

But the majority of Sushi restaurants in and around Vancouver is *not* run by Japanese. I would think that 95% of Sushi restaurants in Vancouver is not Japanese. Instead, they are run by Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc. You may not be able to tell from outside a restaurant, but you could easily tell (well, I could) once you get in.

What makes me laugh about those Sushi restaurants run by non-Japanese is that some of them even try to mimick our language (for example 'welcome', etc, in Japanese) in a funny accent to make themselves look "authentic". The sad part is that they can probably fool a lot of people, other than Japanese obviously.

Another thing that makes me laugh sometimes is that, while these guys are making money out of something from Japan by jumping on the bandwagon, but they can be really rude to people, even those like us from Japan where Sushi was invented. I wouldn't want the beauty of our culture to be damaged in such a way.

Also, you can tell whether the Sushi is made by Japanese or not from how 'shari' (rice bit) is pressed into shape, and also how 'neta' (a slice of fish) is to cut.

In search for fine Sushi, Tony and I went to Ajisai, one of our favorite Sushi restaurants in the Kerrisdale area of Vancouver, today.

The one and only Tony spotted this hidden gem that serves outstanding Sushi for reasonable price. I have already been there a few times, but have never had something that makes me go 'hm... this is ordinary'.

Everyone working here is Japanese, so I can talk to waitresses in Japanese and get some extra information about what they are offering, which really helps.

Ajisai also has some authentic Japanese fish available as daily special, so those who want "real Japanese Sushi experience" might want to try some of them.

Here's the list of the places that I would recommend for Sushi or Japanese food in Vancouver:

Ajisai - Outstanding Sushi for reasonable price. It's in Kerrisdale, which is outside of downtown, but well-worth a trip!
Le Nakamura - Also outstanding Sushi for reasonable price. This place is also in Steveston, outside of downtown Vancouver. A day out to Steveston combined with Sushi at Le Nakamura, if you live in downtown, would be perfect.
Sakana - Also a great Sushi restaurant in fancy Yaletown. People working here are also Japanese.
Kitto - Good Sushi and also authentic cooked Japanese meal for very reasonable price. Are they moving by the way?
Urban Sushi - Not as fancy as others, but if you want to eat good Sushi or authentic Japanese food without paying a lot, this place is good for you. The master chef is Japanese who is very experienced.

I just hope that, instead of cheap and bad Sushi restaurants run by non-Japanese taking over Vancouver, good Sushi restaurants in and around Vancouver run by or trained by Japanese will be the winners for many years to come!













味彩(Ajisai) - 素晴らしい寿司をリーズナブルな値段で提供してくれる。ダウンタウン郊外のケリスデール地区にあるけど行って後悔することはない!
Le Nakamura - ここも素晴らしいすしをリーズナブルな値段で出してくれる。ここはダウンタウン郊外のスティーブストンにあるけど、すしを食べに来がてらこの港町に遊びに来るのもよし。
酒菜(Sakana) - イェルタウンにあるいいお寿司屋さん。ここも働いてる人たちは日本人。
吉桃(Kitto) - 美味しい寿司と本物の日本料理をかなりリーズナブルな値段で出してくれる。でも移転しちゃったの?それとも改装中?
Urban Sushi - 他のところに比べるとネタの質は落ちるけど美味しい寿司、ちゃんとした日本料理を安く食べたいならこの店。調理場の主任はかなりの経験を積んでいる日本人。


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