Aug 1, 2008

Goodbye 1111 - 1367 Alberni - さよなら 1111 - 1367 アルバーニ

Today was the last day for me as a tenant of 1111 - 1367 Alberni Street.

Even on the last day, I was running around sorting things out. In fact, I was sorting things out until my letting agent Stephen arrived at 2:00PM! It goes to show that, against what some people say, I am a very disorganised person!

All the efforts that I have put in to clean my apartment paid off as Stephen was very happy with the state of the place. Phew! Again, Stephen was very pleasant to deal with, which is something that I have never seen from any of my previous letting agents in the UK. He even asked me to look him up if I ever come back to Vancouver. I would like to thank Siegle Properties and Stephen for being a great property management company for me for the last 2.5 years.

Although I have not left Vancouver just yet, there was a sense of sadness as I left my apartment. Time is really running out.

After canceling my planned and booked trip to Alaska, I just started the beginning of the last two weeks in Vancouver. Over the last few weeks really emphasised that I still have not seen enough of Vancouver. This city still has got a lot to offer. Hopefully, I will explore them over the next couple of weeks.


今日が 1111 - 1367 Alberni Street のテナントとしての最後の日となった。


一生懸命アパートを綺麗にした甲斐もあり、スティーブンはアパートの状態にとっても満足してくれた。ふ~ぅ。今日も、スティーブンはとっても親切だった。今まで僕が関わって来た不動産屋には見たことのない親切さ。スティーブンは、もしバンクーバーに戻ってくるようなことがあったら声をかけるように、とまで言ってくれた。Siegle Properties とスティーブンには、この2年間僕にとってとっても良い不動産屋であったことに感謝したいと思う。