Jul 17, 2008

Harry Kewell - ハリー・キューウェル

Harry Kewell is no longer a Liverpool player. Instead, he will play for Galatasaray in Turkey.

After so much optimism following his successful spell at Leeds United, Kewell really didn't fulfill his potential at Liverpool. He showed some moments of brilliance, such as that cracking volley against Spurs at Anfield, and moments of 'almost', but never really made a positive impact.

His lowest as a Liverpool player was the 2004/2005 season where he came off injured in two cup finals including Carling Cup and Champions League Final. The latter, coincidentally, turned out to be his best moment as a Liverpool player as the team beat AC Milan in spectacular fashion after going 3-0 down. I am not sure if his "failure" as a Liverpool player is because he just failed to deliver, he got injured a lot, he was forced to play out of position, or all. Having said that, I would like to thank him for his contribution during his spell at Anfield, which should not be ignored.

Now, it looks like there's angry reaction from Leeds United fans against Kewell joining Galatasaray. Back in 2000, two Leeds supporters were killed by Galatasaray supporters when the two teams faced each other in the UEFA Cup semi final. I could see two sides of the story. Firstly, I could see where the Leeds supporters are coming from because football is a very emotional thing among supporters. It's debatable why a player would join a team whose supporters killed supporters of his own team. To make the matter worse, Galatasaray did basically nothing after the incident, and they also escaped punishment from UEFA, understandably for political reasons. I could also see Kewell's argument that you cannot blame Galatasaray as a club for what happened. It's true. Every club has a bunch of idiots. To demonstrate he hasn't forgotten where he started, he chose the number he got when he first got a shirt number at Leeds. Still, I really have no idea why he choose not just Galatasaray but also Turkey as a place to reignite his career, especially with his former Emmerdale star wife Sheree Murphy and three kids back in England!

Good luck Harry. Just don't play well against Japan. :-)







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