Jul 30, 2008

LFC signs Robbie Keane - リバプールがロビー・キーンを獲得

Liverpool signed Robbie Keane.

I am a little bit torn about this signing.

Keane is a striker that I have always admired, I set that record straight. I wanted Liverpool to sign him for a long time, especially around year 2000 when he became an unused sub at Inter Milan. He is very unpredictable, and is thrilling to watch. He certainly proved his worth at Leeds United and most recently at Spurs. His partnership with Dimitar Berbatov at Spurs was a really good one. I still remember that 4-4 thriller between Spurs and Chelski last season where Keane and Berbatov demonstrated the great partnership and the latter almost snatched a winner in the last minute of the game.

Now, the question is the price tag. Liverpool bought Kean for £20 million. Is he worth that much? I don't know. To put things into perspective, we signed Fernando Torres for £26 million.

I think that we paid a lot of money for Keane. But, when price is negotiable, the price set by buyer is all that matters. This is the same as people paying a huge amount of money for something some may say is a junk on eBay or Yahoo! Auction.

More importantly, I am anxious to find out how the partnership between Keane and Torres will work out. Keane's diagonal run would possibly allow Torres more freedom and space for sure. Hopefully, they will establish some good link-up play that we haven't seen from Liverpool strikers for a long time.

Time will tell.









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