Jul 26, 2008

One fine day in Vancouver - バンクーバーでの素敵な一日

Following on from the fun yesterday, I had more fun today in Vancouver.

Late night last night meant that I could only get up after 9:00AM this morning. I still cannot believe we were playing card games until 2:00AM last night!

A few of us met up for crepe this afternoon, because one of the two Shoko-chan started working for Cafe Crepe on Robson. So we wanted to see how she's doing and also to eat the crepe she made.

I must say that I was very impressed by Shoko-chan. Although it's only been a few days since she started, it looked to all of us that she looked very natural when making crepe as though she has been doing it for years! As it turned out, because a different girl was rather ambitious in making crepe for the rest of us, it was only me who ended up eating a crepe Shoko-chan made. Yay! The crepe Shoko-chan made was soooooooo yummy! I wish I could eat this kind of crepe every day...

After saying goodbye to the two Shoko-chan, we ended up going to the Vancouver Art Gallery. We didn't go to see some arts. We just wanted to stay outside. Luckily, there was a live Jazz session going on at the Art Gallery cafe. We really enjoyed their funky Jazz music while drinking a nice cup of coffee, or 'cuppa' as we say in Britain, under the sun.

A few of us went to Tropika, a Thai restaurant, for dinner in the evening. The lamb curry I had was so tasty! Unfortunately, we were rushed because it was close to the end of their day. But it wasn't their fault. I would certainly recommend this place to anyone who wants to eat some fine Thai food. I cannot believe that I never even recognised this restaurant while I walked past it many many times over the last 2.5 years living in Vancouver. It goes to show that there are still plenty of places in Vancouver that I haven't tried or haven't even seen. 

Following on from last night, we played more card games in the end. Honestly, I had such a great time playing them. I think that games like cards are a lot more engaging and interactive, and give us sheer excitement than TV games. That's just my opinion anyway. Losing the battle once meant that I had to be on the receiving end of "punishment". Bugger...

One fine day in Vancouver indeed.




今日の午後は数人でクレープを食べに行くことに。というのも、二人いるしょーこちゃんのうちの一人がロブソンにある Cafe Crepe で働き始めたから、彼女の作ったクレープをご馳走になりに。


二人のしょーこちゃんとさよならしたあと、Vancouver Art Galleryに行くことに。といっても、絵を見に行くわけでもなく、ただ外にいたかっただけのこと。幸運にも、美術館のカフェでジャズの生演奏をやってるではないか。太陽の下でコーヒーを飲みながら聴くファンキーなジャズは本当に楽しかったな~。

夜にはまた数人でタイ料理のお店 Tropika に行くことに。ここで食べたラムカレーは美味しかった~!でも来たのが遅かったこともあって、落ち着いて食べれなかったのが残念。と言ってもお店のせいでは勿論ない。バンクーバーで美味しいタイ料理を食べたい人には、このお店はお勧め。バンクーバーに住んでる2年半、ここを何回も通り過ぎていながらまったくこのお店に気付かなかったことが信じられな~い。バンクーバーにはまだ僕が試していないどころか見たこともないところがたくさんあるんだろう、ということを痛感させられた。



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