Jul 9, 2008

Seattle (Day 2, Mt Rainier) - シアトル(2日目、マウント・レーニア)

What a fine day out I had today!

To start with, I hardly had enough sleep last night. It took me until 2:00AM to get to sleep, and, while asleep, I felt like I’m half awake. To make the matter worse, I had to get up at 6:00AM, because the Mt Rainier tour that I was joining was going to start at 7:00AM!

After contemplating for a while, I decided to go for the Mt Rainier tour run by Seattle Tours. As soon as I got on the bus, I knew that I was going to have a great day.

I couldn’t choose any better day for a trip to Mt Rainier. It was a gorgeous sunny day with clear blue sky. We could see the mountain clearly as soon as we left Seattle downtown!

While our tour guide Liz was brilliant at her job, we also had a fun group too! Throughout the whole trip, we just kept talking and talking. It was also funny that we had a few families that had just come back from a cruise to Alaska while I have been thinking about doing it myself lately!

Honestly, I can use just one word to describe Mt Rainier – stunning. When I booked this tour, I didn’t realize that we were going up over 5,000ft. We stopped at various places for different views of the mountain, and every stop was breathtaking. We stopped at canyons, river, and so on, and I just couldn’t stop taking pictures (typical me). The air up on the mountain was so sweet, and it was such a delight that we did a bit of picnic for lunch in such a spectacular set-up. The colour of the water coming from glaciers was very “white”, which is a lot different from the water I saw in Alberta, Canada. It’s different, but it was just beautiful!

We also saw some wild animals along the way, such as deer, sheep, and even marmot! The marmot is a funny looking animal, but was very very cute. Thanks to one of the boys of Spirel, a Greek guy who is living in the NY state, we were able to see it. But I was the only person in the tour who was able to take a good photo of the marmot.

It was so funny that, while I have been thinking about doing an Alaska cruise before moving back to Japan, there were three families that had just come back from one! Spirel's family was one of them. It really sounds like this is something I must do sooner or later!

I am so glad that I joined the tour with Seattle Tours. It was a fun tour of a relatively small group (16 people) in a small van with spacious leg space, which was accompanied by an excellent tour guide. This is the kind of tour I like. This tour is $20 more expensive than the one from Grayline, which is more of a big group, big bus tour, but it was well worth it!

After I had a very average sushi at this Japanese restaurant, which is clearly run by Chinese people, near the Pikes Place Market, I took a bus up to the Kerry Park. Kerry Park offers a panoramic view of the downtown Seattle and its waterfront. Although I arrived much later than I wanted, I managed to see the evening view of the downtown with Mt Rainier in the back ground!

I don’t think I could have asked for a better day!




迷いに迷った末、結局Seattle Toursのやってるマウント・レーニア・ツアーに参加することにした。バスに乗ってすぐ、今日一日がいい日になることを確信した。





Seattle Toursのツアーに参加して大正解!結構足元のスペースが広々とした小さいバンで比較的こじんまりとしたグループ(16人)のツアーだったけどもとっても楽しかった。僕はこういう小さいツアーが好きなので、もっと大きいバスで大きいグループ向けのGraylineのツアーと比べて20ドル高かったけども、このツアーにして本当に大成功!



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