Jul 13, 2008

Stevie Wonder in Vancouver - スティービー・ワンダー in バンクーバー

Today was a bit of a busy day.

I had to get up early, just like the most of this week, because potential tenants were visiting my apartment with my letting agent Stephen from Siegle Properties. Stephen did a great job by filtering prospects to those who are really interested, which meant that we had six prospects instead of twenty. Stephen is not only a good letting agent but also a really good guy. In fact, he is the best person I have seen from property management companies that I have ever dealt with. I was not surprised by those who visited really liking the stunning view of the harbour and the mountains from my living room, which was helped by the beautiful weather we had today. I am gonna really miss this!!

Once the "viewing session" was over I met Hide-San, a good friend who works next door to the office I used to work, for lunch at Gyoza King. It's been a while since last time we went out together. Unsurprisingly, just a simple lunch session turned into a 3hrs drinking session. We just cannot talk without alcohol! I think I had at least eight plum wine from lunch time. Hide-San and I always have a really lively talk, from silly banter to serious discussions. It looks like both of us are going to experience some major change in life. Good luck to both of us!

Because it's such a beautiful day today, I went to the Coal Harbour for a bit of sunbathing. It was absolutely gorgeous! I managed to get some tan with just 1hr session.

Then I met Caroline and Ian at the Guu in Gastown for dinner before heading to the wonderland of Stevie Wonder. We made sure we are up for the show by having tons of food and fair amount of drink.

Yes, time for the legendary Stevie Wonder! We arrived at the venue GM Place at 8:30PM while the tickets said 'show 8:00PM'. In fact, I hate missing the beginning of anything, like sports game, show, etc. It was a huge relief that it turned out that the show had just started only five ten minutes before we arrived.

Stevie Wonder played more lesser known songs early in the show, so it took a while for not only myself but also the whole crowd to get going, it seemed. I also thought that the sound system was a bit pants, which was noticeable for me who is so used to an excellent sound system at relatively small venues. Still, it's such a pleasure to see a legend like him, especially I am one of those who grew up watching MTV in the 80s. In the latter half of the show, Stevie started playing more famous songs, started off by the groovy 'Superstition'. The duet of 'I just called to say I love you' with this lucky lady was great. I wasn't sure if she felt like doing karaoke, but she was not bad considering it's in front of 10,000 people at such a big venue. I really wasn't sure what to make of that statue that was given to Stevie though! I cannot believe Stevie Wonder performed for over 2hrs non stop, and with full of energy! Where's all the energy coming from?

In the end, I am so glad that I coughed up $100 to see such a legend because this is like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

After the show, we finished the night with just a few more drinks...







ついにあの伝説のスティービー・ワンダーのコンサート!チケットには「8時」って書いてあったものの、うちらは8時半に会場のGM Placeに着くことに。僕は基本的にスポーツ観戦であれ、ショーであれ、遅れていくのは好きではない。ということで、遅れはしたものの、聞いたところによると5分か10分前に始まったばっかりということでちょっと安心。

スティービー・ワンダーはどっちかというとあまりメジャーでない曲でショーを始めたこともあって、僕も会場全体も盛り上がるにはちょっと時間がかかった感じだった。それにサウンドシステムがあんまりよろしくなかった。比較的大きくないべニューに見られる素晴らしい音響に慣れてる僕にはそれが余計に感じられた。とは言え、僕のような80年代のMTV世代にとっては彼のようなレジェンドを見れるだけで幸せである。ショー後半には'Superstition'に始まり結構メジャーでアップテンポな曲で観客はかなり盛り上がった。抽選で当たったって言うラッキーな女性との'I just called to say I love you'のデュエットはなかなかだった。カラオケ気分だったのかどうかは分からないけど、おっきい会場で一万人を前にして彼女はなかなかなものだったと思う。それにしてもスティービーにファンから贈呈された銅像にはなんと言っていいのか分からなかった。スティービー・ワンダーはよくエネルギッシュなパフォーマンスを2時間以上もやったこと。あの年でどっからあのエネルギーはくるのだろうか。



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