Aug 5, 2008

Chilling out in Vancouver - バンクーバーでリラックス

Today was a day to chill out in sunny and beautiful Vancouver.

Again, we headed to Tenhachi for very tasty Japanese breakfast. The more I go there, the more I love their food!

After breakfast, we went for a drink on the patio in English Bay. Because the cafe we wanted to go to was still under the shed, we decided to go to Raincity Grill on the other side of the Denman Street. It has to be said that the service was very poor. Firstly, it took ages to get us a table while there were very few customers. Secondly, one of the waitresses insisted that there were no tables available on the patio while we could tell she was wrong and another girl said she was making a table ready for us. Thirdly, as soon as our server found out we were just drinking, we all could tell that her level of enthusiasm dropped significantly. Other touristy-looking customers also didn't seem to get a decent level of service. Apparently, this place won a Vancouver Magazine award, although I have no idea what the criteria was. Maybe good food is all that matters?

We grabbed a few cream puffs from a Japanese outlet Beard Papa's, and chilled out by the Science World in the afternoon. I never heard of this place before, but their cream puffs were yummy. The only downside was that, while their sign said two green tea for $2, we had to pay $2 for one as our server insisted that the sign was for old green tea. Then why don't they change the bloody sign in the first place?!

I went to Fish on Rice on Broadway for dinner. Quite frankly, their sushi was the worst I had in many many months. None of their food, including sushi, rolls, and cooked meal, was delicious. Even some of the sushi smelled a bit, while the cooked dishes weren't even hot when arrived. Rolls were completely out of shape by the time they arrived at my table, while the size of rice of sushi (or 'shari') was very inconsistent. By the end of the night, I ended up having a bad stomach ache. It was that bad. I only found out afterwards that this place is run by Chinese people. Although it was eat as much as you like, I still cannot believe I coughed up bloody $22 for that... Definitely NOT recommended!

At least the night was finished with a stunning view of Vancouver from the Granville Bridge.

Although it was a great day to chill out, a couple of restaurants really frustrated me.




朝食を済ませたあと、みんなでイングリッシュ・ベイに行ってパテオで一杯やることに。行きたかったカフェに太陽がまだ照ってなかったこともあって、デンマン・ストリートの反対側にある Raincity Grill に行くことに。正直なところ、サービスは結構酷かった。まず第一に、そんなに客がいないにもかかわらずテーブルに案内するまでにえらい時間がかかった。第二に、どう見ても開いてるテーブルがあるし、他のウェイトレスがいまセットアップしてると言うにもかかわらず、ウェイトレスの一人がパテオは一杯だと言い張った。そして最後に、僕たちが食べ物に興味ないことが分かると、ウェイトレスのやる気が目に見えてなくなるのが分かった。観光客っぽい他の客もあまりいいサービスを受けていないように見えた。聞いた話によると、何に対してかは知らないけど、この店は Vancouver Magazine の賞を受賞しているらしい。食べ物が美味しければそれでいいってこと?

その後、日本人が経営してるシュークリーム屋さん Beard Papa's でシュークリームを買って、サイエンス・ワールドの近くでのんびりすることに。このお店の名前は聞いたことなかったけど、シュークリームは本当に美味しかった。唯一残念だったのが、店のサインにはお茶二つで2ドルって書いてあるにもかかわらず、一個につき2ドル払わされたこと。レジの子の話によると、二つで2ドルのサインは前まで売ってたお茶のものらしい。だったら何でサイン変えないの?って感じ。

晩御飯を食べにブロードウェイにある Fish on Rice に行った。はっきり行って、ここしばらくの間で食べた寿司の中でも最悪のものだった。握り、巻物、キッチンから来るもの、どれ一つとして美味しくなかった。寿司の何個かは変な臭いがしたし、キッチンから来た焼き物は温かくなかった。巻物はテーブルに来るまでに形が崩れてるし、シャリの大きさにはばらつきが。結局、お腹を壊すことにまでなってしまった。そのくらい酷かった。後になって分かったことだけど、ここは中国人が経営しているらしい。食べ放題とは言え、こんな寿司に22ドルも出したことが信じられない。絶対お奨めしません!



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