Aug 8, 2008

Fine day, fine music, fine dinner – いい日、いい音楽、いいディナー

Today was another gorgeous day in Vancouver.

Festival Vancouver had one more day of free jazz sessions at the Vancouver Art Gallery today. They had Cuartoelemento and Realtime today, and the two sets of the musicians were very different but were both impressive. I would certainly be happy to pay for my favorite musicians, but free sessions like these are a great way to explore and enjoy different types of music and musicians.

Today, I wandered around Downtown Vancouver yet again. This town is such a nice place to walk around even if you don’t have anything specific to do.

Tony took me out for fine dinner at Tojo’s as a farewell. While this is the first time I visited the restaurant since they moved to the new location, I must admit that, this is also the first time I have visited them since I moved to Vancouver. Funny that for someone who visited this place every time he came to Vancouver from the UK for business trip! I wonder why I did that on business… :-P Funnily enough, a couple of Tojo’s servers remembered me from the last time I visited the restaurant, which was three years ago! This probably shows how much we spent there every time we visited this place… :-P

As a guy who loves fine food as much as I do, Tony insisted on ordering Tojo’s best dinner set. He also insisted that he’s paying for everything tonight. What a diamond geezer he is!

The dinner we had was just amazing! We had seven different dishes from the appetiser to sushi, and each of them was had distinctive and delicate taste. We weren’t quite full after the main dish of sushi, so Tony suggested that we eat one more dish. Tony asked our waiter to ask Mr Tojo to serve something that he would if his best friend from Japan visited him. We weren’t sure what we were going to get, but were delighted when the dish came to our table. Tojo made Toro Steak for us, and it was just amazing. I have never had steak that melts inside my mouth.

One of the waiters told me that very few Japanese people living in Vancouver visit the restaurant, possibly because of their reputation. Obviously, they are pricy compared with other Sushi restaurants in Vancouver, including fine places run by Japanese. But I must say that you won’t be disappointed if you come to this place in terms of quality of food and quality of service. We felt sorry for the Caucasian couple sitting next to us, who were obviously tourists, because they were ordering orthodox fusion Sushi rolls that they could get from any other restaurants. Maybe they didn’t know what kind of place Tojo’s is.

Thanks to Tony, we had some amazing dinner at Tojo’s. He was rewarded with Mr Tojo giving him his head band… yet again! It’s the second time he’s been given Mr Tojo’s head band. Many many thanks Tony! You are indeed a diamond geezer!



Festival Vancouver の無料コンサートが今日もVancouver Art Gallery であったので行くことにした。今日は CuartoelementoRealtime というバンドが登場。まったく違ったタイプのミュージシャンだったけど、どちらもなかなか良かった。自分の好きなミュージシャンはお金払ってでも喜んで見に行くけど、こういった無料のセッションは違ったタイプの音楽やミュージシャンを発掘して楽しむのには最適だと思う。


トニーがお別れの意味もこめてディナーにTojo’s に連れて行ってくれた。新しい場所になってから初めてなのと同時に、バンクーバーに移り住んでから始めて訪れることになった。イギリスからバンクーバーに出張で来たときには毎回このレストランに来てた者としてはおかしなもんだ。どうして出張のときだけ来たのでしょう…(笑)。最後に来たのは3年も前になるというのに、どういう訳か店のウェイターとウェイトレスの数人が僕のことを覚えていた。毎回来るたびにどんだけお金を使っていたか、ということの証明なのだろうか…(笑)。

僕同様に美味しい食べ物に目がないトニーはTojo’s で一番のディナーセットを食べようというと同時に、自分が今晩は全部払うと言って聞かなかった。トニーはなんてイカした奴なんだ~!


ウェイターの一人が、敷居が高いとかいう理由でバンクーバーに住んでる日本人はあんまり来ないっていう話をしてくれた。日本人がやってるところも含めてバンクーバーにある他の寿司屋さんと比べたら確かに割高かもしれないけど、食べ物の質とかサービスの質からして Tojo’s に来て失敗するって言うことはないと思う。トニーと僕は隣に座ってる観光客っぽい白人のカップルが可愛そうになった。というのも、どの寿司屋でも食べれそうな普通の巻き寿司を頼んでたから。多分、Tojo’s がどんな寿司屋か知らなかったのかもしれない。

トニーのお陰でTojo’s でとっても美味しいディナーを食べることができた。トニーの良心は東條さんから直々に鉢巻きを貰うことで報われることに。しかし、トニーはこれで二度目だぞ!ありがと、トニー!まさに君はdiamond geezer だ~ぁ!

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