Aug 10, 2008

Good to have good friends – いい友達を持つっていいことだ。

Good to have good friends – いい友達を持つっていいことだ。

Hide-San organised a good bye party for me this evening. It’s not just a party. While he has had very busy schedule recently, he squeezed this event in and prepared everything from the appetiser to the main dish. When Hide-San told me that we were going to have this party, I asked him to cook whatever he wants to in a way he wants to cook. And I was pleased to see his response as he was very excited about it.

I enjoyed everything Hide-San cooked from the appetiser of spicy squid, wasabi scallop, and unagi tamago to beef tataki, grilled black cod, and seared mackerel. This is definitely the last time I have the dishes he cooked in Vancouver. I cannot thank him enough for all the hard work that had gone into making these dishes especially for me.

While I am going back to Japan in a few days time, Hide-San also decided to pack up and move back to Japan in a few months time. It felt like a big decision for me to make to move back to Japan after 10 years of living abroad. After almost 20 years of living abroad, it must have been a lot more difficult for him to make this decision even if he felt time is right. Hide-San and I seem to have a lot in common in terms of the way we see things and the way we think, which is why we get on very well although we haven’t known each other for that long. This really made me realise that sometimes time doesn’t matter. I am sure we will be in touch, and hopefully we will visit each other in Japan from time to time.

It’s good to have good friends.






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hemant said...

Well after reading this I found that it is basically on friendship. Well I don't know much about them still, just wanted to say Cheers to their friendship.

Harshita Ashish