Aug 2, 2008

Traditional Japanese Food in Vancouver - バンクーバーで食べれる日本のおふくろの味

Sometimes, you find some amazing stuff in a funny place.

Following recommendation from Hide-San, six of us went to Tenhachi on West 12th for dinner today.

This place serves arguably the most traditional Japanese food that I have come across outside of Japan. The food was, quite simply, sensational!

We grabbed all sorts of food from agedashi tofu, fried prawn and Chicken karaage to simmered Mackerel, amberjack sushi, horse Mackerel sashimi, and special roll. Every single item we had was so authentic. Apparently, they bring fresh fish from Japan twice a week, and we were able to taste some of that.

It was bizarre to taste such authentic Japanese food, and then we look up seeing the atmosphere that feels like a restaurant in an economy lodge from 70s!

It also turned out that the friend of Daisuke-Kun, who came along with us, is a friend with someone who used to work for Gyoza King. Later Hide-San confirmed that he trained this chap from scratch when he started working. Small world!

Sometimes, you find this kind of fabulous restaurant in an unusual place. In this case, almost invisible in the middle of a residential area.

You are guaranteed to be able to taste the real Japanese food, or what we call 'taste of mum', here in Vancouver.

Great place, great food, and great company!



ひでさんに薦められたこともあって、今日は晩御飯を食べにW 12th にある天八に行った。








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