Aug 6, 2008

Working hard at English Bay - イングリッシュ・ベイで一仕事

It was a beautiful summer day in Vancouver!

I spent the whole afternoon working really hard at English Bay. I mean sunbathing. English Bay was stunning with clear sky today. Every time I come to English Bay, it always makes me wonder why so many people are hanging out in the beach during a weekday. Having said that, you could argue that other people must be wondering the same about people like me.

In the evening, Hide-San and I went to Kakurenbou as Hide-San has never been there. We were not planning to drink a lot, but surprise, surprise, we ended up drinking quite a bit. I felt that, considering the amount they pour into a glass, their drink is a bit pricey. Nori-Chan and Sam-Chan also joined in a midway through. They really helped us have a great night as we all had lively conversation. Why is it that there's so much alcohol involved every time Hide-San and I go out?!

Hide-San offered to have a party for me during the weekend where he is going to cook. I feel privileged that he's willing to cook for my special occasion. I really cannot wait!!




夜には、ひでさんがまだ行ったことなかったこともあって、二人で 隠恋房 に飲みに行った。たくさん飲むつもりはなかったけど、驚くことに(?)結構飲んでしまった。でもグラスに注ぐ量を考えると、ここのお酒は結構高いと思う。のりちゃんとサムちゃんも途中参加してくれた。彼らが来てくれたこともあって話はもっと盛り上がって楽しい夜になった。それにしてもひでさんと僕が一緒に出かけるとたくさんお酒が絡むのはどうしてなんだろう?


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