Oct 13, 2008

サポーターの権利? - Are supporters entitled to boo players?







Although England beat Kazakhstan by 5-1, it seems, from the highlights I saw and words on the street, that the first half was a bit of shocker.

To make the matter worse, England gave away a cheap goal from Cashley Cole's mistake while leading by 2-0. Surprise, surprise, a section of England supporters booed him. Cashley isn't the only one who suffered booing at the new Wembley Stadium. Lampard and Bentley also suffered for different reasons during previous matches.

England coach Fabio Cappello expressed his dissatisfaction. In the meantime, England captain Rio Ferdinand labeled those supporters 'coward' and 'they should be ashamed of themselves'.

They are debating 'are fans entitled to boo?' in England now. It's not the first time this debate came up in football. Personally speaking, this was a talking point at one point when Gerard Houllier was still in charge of Liverpool. We are also protesting on a few occasions against the American owners.

In all honesty, I can see this from different perspectives. But I think that supporters are entiled to express their feelings and opinions one way or another. In the end, football won't be there without all these supporters spending a lot of money on tickets, goods, and all that. Having said that, they can express their feelings on conditions, including in what circumstances they can do so, and how. Although this is fairly unique to Japanese football, I am not sure about the team's management and supporters organise a meeting after team's defeats where supporters express their anger while the club management apologises. Also to the point of this argument, I don't think it's right to boo a player after they made one mistake. It's a completely different story if they were poor with no passion of course...

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