Oct 24, 2008

初給料! - I got paid!!






I got paid by my new employer for the first time!

I do miss the days that I got paid for not doing anything let alone not turning up at work, and that I was able to travel using that money. But it feels good to be paid for the work that I have done!

It makes me feel like I get paid more here in Japan just because income tax rate is different from the ones in the UK and Canada. Having said that, we have to pay for seeing doctor and getting hospitalised here in Japan, so it all kinda balances things out.

I am going to have Sushi with my family to celebrate the first salary payment tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations you turncoat, forget about the past & look forward to a great future. The only good thing about your company is their colour is red & not blue! May you have many more good pay packets... rgds a blue wearing reds supporter