Oct 18, 2008

あじゃぱ... - Oh dear, oh dear...









Oh dear, Urawa Reds...

This was a match that they couldn't afford to lose at home in order to challenge the J-League title. However, they were outclassed by Vissel Kobe. Although the scoreline was a flattering 1-0, they could have lost by 3-0 quite easily.

Urawa's attack was very one dimensional. Because they couldn't control the ball in the middle of the park, they kept passing the ball in defense and being forced to use the wingers to move forward. They dispossessed the ball in midfield on a number of occasions. It felt as though I was watching the Japan game a few days ago, which was played at the same venue.

Having said that, it's worth mentioning that Kobe played brilliantly. They didn't play like a typical defensive away side. They kept the pressure on in the middle of the park, and as soon as they get the ball they played quick passing football with which Urawa struggled to deal with.

Urawa had a few half chances, but they didn't have a single clear chance. Instead, Kobe had four or five clear chances... just in the second half.

I would like to mention Kobe's number 10, Botti. His first touch is good, passes are accurate, and work rate is also phenomenal. I would like to see some Japanese players like him emerge.

Oh dear, oh dear... very worrying for Urawa Reds before facing Gamba Osaka in the AFC Champions League semi final second leg!

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