Oct 9, 2008

歓迎会 - Welcome Party







My team members at work organised a welcome party for me last night.

Thanks to(?!) my boss's misunderstanding, we ended up having a lot more people than the capacity of the room we had reserved. We had a great time with lots of fun talk. I hear they don't go for drink often as a team, but what a fun time we had! It was a great drinking session. Thanks so much my teammates!

I don't really know what to say when asked to do 'introduction' at such occasion. :-P We were talking about an old TV dating show at the beginning, so maybe I should have carried on by saying 'Well, I am not married, and my hobby is...'. :-P

I ended up drinking with one of the colleagues who live quite close to me at Akabane until the final train back home. It was fun, but what a mistake that was! It was soooooooo hard this morning. Because I am still on probation, newcomers have to be at work at 9AM. I really should have asked my boss whether I could come in a bit later than usual last night...

I realise that I am beginning to settle in the team at work. People around me have been very nice to me too. Now all I have to do is to do a damn good job.

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