Nov 16, 2008

紅葉最高!奥多摩、御岳、長瀞!- Autumn foliage... wonderful!














Autumn foliage is lovely!

By waking up at 6:00AM, I headed out to see some autumn foliage with my mum, brother, and auntie.

As weather forecast predicted, it was rainy from early in the morning. As soon as we hit the motorway, the rain started hitting the ground even harder...

Once we arrived in Okutama, we were relieved to see the rain stopped. Unlike some of the information we got on the net, it was a bit too early to see red coloured leafs in this area.

We started to see more colours once we got to Mitake-San. It was too foggy to see anything in the distance on top of the mountain. On the bright side, we had some cake with mushrooms and edible wild plants inside, and also bought some edible wild plants to have at home.

As we headed down towards Mitake Keikoku ravine, we saw some beautiful autumn foliage by the river! This is what we have been looking for! We wished the weather was nicer, but were satisfied with the beauty. The noodle with wild plants we had helped us feel even better. :-)

Once we finished lunch, my brother said "let's go to Nagatoro". We thought he was taking the mickey, but he was serious. We were gobsmacked. :-)

Although it was still cloudy, the rain completely stopped by the time we got to Nagatoro. I really like this tourist town, not just its autumn foliage. It's stunning by the river, and the shopping area from the railway station to the river has some character.

The climax was "Nagatoro Autumn Foliage Light-up"! We headed to the area that's lightened up as the event started at 5:00PM. It was just amazing! I couldn't stop taking photos! We were very lucky to see the lightened up trees as the event just started yesterday.

We were not caught up by traffic jam on the way back. We had a dinner at a restaurant near our houses to finish the day.

I am delighted that we had a fun trip as family, and with my auntie, for the first time in months!

Autumn foliage in Japan is lovely!

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