Nov 3, 2008

バーベキュー! - BBQ!!









Following invitation from Teruko's colleagues, we went for BBQ at Akatsuka Park. It's been a while since the last BBQ I did.

I used to go to Akatsuka Park quite often for tennis while at uni, but I barely remembered how to get there. It's been over ten years since the last time I was there... :-)

We ate all sorts of stuff! Thanks to Enomoto-San and co doing errands, we had tons of food. There were different types of meat, lots of vegi, seafood, and stuff like motsu-nikomi... unusual stuff for BBQ. The "BBQed" marshmallow that we had was absolute beauty! People invent some amazing stuff! Last but not least, we also had home-made chocolate cake too...

Although the weather was not great, we were able to see a bit of autumn-coloured leafs and had fun time with fun people. Thanks to Enomoto-San's family, Teruko's colleagues and ex-colleagues!

After the BBQ, we headed to Sugamo, which is also called "grandma's Harajuku", for the first time in months. There are lots of old-fashioned shops that I really like. Price is also reasonable. I ended up buying quite a bit of stuff like socks at the dollar store!

Once we had enough walk, we went into "Kirin" for dinner. They serve all sorts of traditional Japanese sweets, but we shrugged off the temptation and decided to have noodles. The udon I had was tasty with good portion, tasty soup, and good thick noodles. The atmosphere of the restaurant is also very Japanesey, and I really liked it.

We had fun time with lots of lovely food!

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