Nov 2, 2008

初顔合わせ - First meeting










Finally, the time has come for Teruko's family and mine to meet for the first time!

We wanted to have this event at a place that is "Japanese and has some scenery", so decided to host the event at Enjyu inside Happoen.

I was a wee bit nervous since the two families were meeting for the first time. But, maybe because Teruko and I don't like things being too formal, once we started drinking more alcohol conversations started to flow naturally. :-) Although I worked a bit to make the event enjoyable, I didn't need to do that in the end. :-)

Drinks and food were both delicious! We had all sorts of stuff from Sashimi and Chawan-Mushi to Tenpura, Nimono, etc. Sake was just so easy to drink...

We also had a surprise gift from my mum to Teruko. We kept it complete secret from Teruko, and were delighted to see how pleased she was.

Once we finished the lunch, we had a bit of walk around Happoen's Japanese garden. Unfortunately it was still too early for red leaves, it was great as the weather was perfect.

While we went to the Jonathan's for coffee, we ended up ordering massive parfait! :-) Coincidentally, we had an accident of having their soft icecream maker broken, we enjoyed the sweets together!

I am relieved that the event went well!

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