Nov 30, 2008

本土寺の紅葉! - Hondoji Temple's Autumn Foliage






Finally... we went to Hondoji Temple to see its autumn foliage!

In fact, Hondoji Temple is very close to where I used to live. The funny thing, though, is that not only I have never been to the place but also I didn't even know this place until a few weeks ago. :-)

It was a perfect weather to see autumn foliage this weekend. The temple was busy with lots of people who also came to see the trees with lovely colours, which might have been partly because it appeared on television a few days ago. When we arrived at the temple after 1:00PM, there was a queue of 20 to 30 metres long.

Once we got inside, the place was full of autumn foliage. It was well worth it!

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