Nov 1, 2008

負けた~~~~! - We lost!







Ahhhhhhhhhh! We lost to Lions!

I went to the Tokyo Dome to see the first game of the Japan Series between Giants and Lions. It's the Japanese equivalent of so called World Series. It's been eighteen years since the last time I went to the Dome.

Because the two teams had their number one pitcher respectively, it became a really tight game. Having said that, two solo homeruns that Giants' Uehara conceded from his nervy pitching decided the game. Lions' Wakui conceded only one hit, which was Giants' only RBI. With that pitching, I don't think anyone could break him really...

Although Giants lost, I was really pleased and delighted that my mum, auntie, and Teruko all said they had a great time today.

Havings said that, I am gutted that we lost!!


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