Nov 8, 2008

またかよ~ぉ! - Yet again!!








Giants lost... yet again!

Why on earth did they lose all the games I have been to?!

We took Teruko's mum and grandma to the sixth game of the Japan Series between Giants and Lions today. After the fifth game of the series, all of us went to the Tokyo Dome thinking we were going to see the winning celemony.

But Hisanori had an absolute shocker right from the beginning. After conceding a hit and two four balls, he conceded three RBIs. The following two pitchers who came on supposedly to help were also disastrous. Giants also didn't have a good game on offense - three hits from the first batter resulted in no RBIs, while big hitters didn't hit when it mattered. There's no way you could win in such a manner.

On the bright side, I was pleased that Teruko's mum and grandma were delighted to come to the Japan Series!

I wonder what's gonna happen tomorrow...

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