Dec 27, 2008

北陸の旅!2008 ① - Trip to Hokuriku 2008 Part 1










Finally, our trip to Hokuriku has started!

Because our bullet train leaves Tokyo around 7:00AM, I got up around 4:45AM on a cold winter morning. But we are going to places that are much colder...

The tour from Hankyu Travel was packed. We took bullet train to Ueda, which was followed by a long journey by bus. We were gobsmacked by the lowest temperature of -7 degrees!

We arrived in Hida Takayama around lunchtime. Following recommendation from our guide, we headed to Jingoro Ramen quicker than anyone from our tour, which turned out to be crucial. Once we sat at our table, there was a long line of people waiting to get seated. How lucky! The ramen we had had rich soup based on soy sauce, while it had noodles that are thin and easy to eat. The ramen was delicious!

Hida Takayama is a pretty town full of character with tradition. Every shop alongside the street is so pretty that we wanted to get in. While we were wandering around the street, we found a place that serves Hida Beef Sushi! Teruko and I had a piece each. It was amazing!

Hida Takayama also had a lot of Sake cellar. I ended up buying a bottle from a cellar that offered me delicious Sake. I hope, instead of calling it "Mini Kyoto", people will refer to this place as "Hida Takayama".

We got back on our tour bus and headed towards Shirakawago, our main destination of the trip! Finally! The view of Shirakawago from the observation deck was amazing! This place is so unique. It really reminded me of my mum's home town in Niigata. I hope we will keep this kind of beautiful traditional places for many years to come. The only disappointment was that we didn't have enough time to look around.

Once we left Shirakawago, we arrived in Kanazawa early in the evening. Acty Kanazawa, the place we stayed, is like an ordinary hotel for businessmen. But it's located in the city, while they served eat as much as you like crab. And we were happy that we could use hot spring under the same management. Hot spring is great!

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