Dec 24, 2008

控え目なクリスマス - Quiet Christmas






Although I have never been keen, ever since I experienced traditional and religious Christmas, Christmas is an event that I can do without. Christmas in Japan is just commercial, and is so different from Christmas in western countries, which is about spending time with family.

Because of that, instead of celebrating, we went to Mitsui Building in Nihonbashi to see a free concert 'Toshinose Toshigakushi'. After that, we had delicious dinner at a skewer restaurant.

I wasn't overly impressed by the bands performed in the first half of the concert. But the percussion ensemble, HRJ's hand bells, and Aura were good. In particular, I was really impressed by the hand bells and female vocals. I would love to see Aura's performance again.

By the way, because it was an outdoor concert in winter, it was sooooooooooo cold!

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