Dec 6, 2008

東京散歩-皇居、旧岩崎邸庭園 - Tokyo Walk - Imperial Palace, Iwasaki Garden










There's lots of see in Tokyo!

Because the weather forecast said that today would be better than tomorrow, we decided to go for a bit of wandering around in Tokyo.

We headed towardsThe Imperial Palace first, but it suddenly started cloudy against the forecast. There were lots of runners today, thinking that they are passionate even from weekend lunchtime. It turned out that there was some sort of competition going on.

The Imperial Palace's Nijubashi Bridge looks pretty, and I could see why lots of people come here to paint.

We left The Imperial Palace for Iwasaki's Garden. This was a house of Yataro Iwasaki, the founder of Mitsubishi.

As soon as we arrived, we heard the announcement that a live concert's about to begin. Even though we arrived at the last minute, we ended up sitting right at the front. :-) Norie Kawauchi, the Soprano, had a beautiful voice.

Both the house and the garden are lovely. This is a funny place where you can feel a bit of England.

Once we warmed ourselves with Korean dinner, we headed to Ameyoko. Because all the shops were about to close for the day, I ended up landing on 10000JPY worth of big fatty tuna for only 2500JPY! What a way to finish the day!

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