Jan 25, 2009

朝青龍復活優勝! - Asashouryu returns!








We went to see the final day of Sumo Wrestling January Open 2009.

We were able to go to the event due to winning the random ticket draw for boxed seats by accident(!? although I had to pay for them obviously.) So I decided to invite my mum, Teruko, and her mum.

We went to the restaurant in the premises of our wedding venue for lunch, while had a cake and a cup of coffee for a break at a cafe also in the premises. Both mums were very impressed!

At last, we came to Kokugikan! I could feel the sumo atmosphere even outside the venue. As we walked into Kokugikan... electric! I was assuming that we wouldn't be able to see the wrestlers clearly from our seats because the grade was the lowest among the boxed seats, but... what a view! The guys sat in front of us were also very friendly and started serving us free beer... fabulous!

Finally... the main event of the afternoon... Asashouryu vs. Hakuhou! The whole crowd going crazy. Hakuhou pushed Asashouryu hard immediately, and now we are going into the decider! The two wrestlers were pumped up for the the second match, but Asashouryu's desire and emotion won! Asashouryu returned! What an event we saw!

The enjoyable day was ended with chanko at 'Chanko Edosawa' in front of the Ryogoku station.

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