Jan 14, 2009

台湾出張① - Business Trip to Taiwan Part One







Finally... the first visit to Taiwan!

Actually, it's the first time I have been to a country where Chinese is the first language. It felt a bit weird. There are so many things that are similar and not similar to Japan. It's a bit strange for me to realise that not many people understand English, while more people understand Japanese!

Work went well for the first day. I felt that Taiwanese people seem to be very helpful already.

We headed to 'Taipei 101' to see the evening view of Taipei in the evening. I was a bit baffled by the fact that they were selling souveniers made of coral while there's so much talk about protecting the environment right now.

We went to a hotpot restaurant for dinner. While we were waiting, we were given a menu for foreigners that was clearly "translated" using online translation tool. After we had so much laugh at the menu, we had delicious hotpot.

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