Jan 11, 2009

初詣 - First visit to the temple







I went to Nishiarai Daishi temple for the first visit with my family.

The area around the temple was packed with cars. Lots of car parks around the temple were charging flipping 3000JPY for an hour of parking... what a rip-off! We decided to park in an empty car park that's a wee bit away from the temple. It cost us 200JPY! Bargain!

I was amazed by the amount of people who came to the temple while it's been a while since the first three days of the month. The fortune telling was okay... At least it wasn't the worst...

Once we finished the first visit to the temple, we went to an electronic shop since my brother wanted to buy a new digital camera. After that, we headed to Anrakutei restaurant to have korean BBQ for late lunch. Korean BBQ is great!

I hope this year will be packed with lots of good things for me.

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