Jan 1, 2009

渡辺美里であけおめ~。 - Happy New Year with Misato Watanabe


2009年は、渡辺美里のニューイヤーコンサート「お正月だよ!Dear My Tokyo」で始まりました~。

高校生の頃すごく好きだった美里のコンサートに行くのは僕もてるちゃんも初めて。本人のカバーアルバム「Dear My Songs」が最近出たこともあって、結構昔の曲も歌ってくれてとっても良かった!それにしても、やっぱり生で聞く美里はすごい!歌声に感動しました~。






A Happy New Year!

We started 2009 with Misato Watanabe's new year concert.

This is the first time Teruko and I have been to a concert of Misato whom I loved when I was at high school. She sang a lot of familiar songs because she released a new album 'Dear My Songs' covering her old songs. Her voice was amazing!!

We celebrated the New Year's using a wooden square cup that was given to all attendants. Including her talks, we were more than satisfied with Misato's 3hrs show!

Thank you, Misato!

After the show, we were lured into a GAP store offering 20% off on top of bargain price because of the New Year's. I ended up buying a jacket and two tops... for less than 10000JPY! Bargain!

Although I failed to win the Year End National Lottery, I made a good start to 2009!

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