Jan 12, 2009

ツッチーニでランチ - Lunch at Tucchini

今日はてるちゃんと家族みんなとで、南浦和にある「西洋料理 ツッチーニ」にランチを食べに行きました~。








I went to 'Tuccini' in Minami Urawa for lunch with my family and Teruko.

Teruko and I had great dinner when we went there the first day that I arrived back here in Japan. So I wanted to take my mum who had never been there yet.

I had a lunch set of pasta with chicken and vegetables. Although it's a lunch set, they serve quite a bit including salad, onion bread, and drinks. The taste is very good while price is reasonable. I am more than satisfied to have food here than going for a so so dinner for a big price tag in Tokyo! We paid 300JPY to add delicious ice cream and tiramisu for desert. :-)

Both my mum and brother who had never been here before were very impressed. I highly recommend this restaurant!

Once we finished lunch, we had a very relaxing afternoon at home.

By the way, I was amazed that you can buy pretty much anything at a 100JPY shop here!

I am off to Taiwan for a business trip from tomorrow!

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