Feb 11, 2009

やっぱり... - As expected...







Today's World Cup qualifier between Japan and Australia ended in an expected result in a sense.

Japan played one dimensional football. There's no drive right down the middle in the midfield. We really struggle to break the defense of Australia who sat deep, and couldn't even take shots. Even if there are shots, they were well off target. Our strike failed to take many shots against their goalie Schwarzer who was hardly tested. At home, it's an impossible task to win a game with only three or four shots on target. Added to that, while there's only a few minutes remaining, there's no sense of urgency and our players were squaring the ball across the field at the back.

I struggled to understand the majority of our supporters who sat there watching the game quietly when the team wasn't playing well.

I also question our manager Okada and some of the players who made comments that suggest that they are fairly satisfied with the game.

We are aiming for one of the semi-finalists at the World Cup? If they genuinely aiming it with that kind of performance, Japan really needs a bit of reality check about world football.

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