Feb 12, 2009

コールドプレイ! - Coldplay!








Teruko and I went to Saitama Super Arena to see Coldplay today.

Because our seats were supposed to be in second row in the stand facing the stage, we entered the stadium with a bit excitement. However, there were TV cameras right in between the stage and our seats clearly obstructing the view...

Once the show started, we were very excited!

As we entered midway through the show, we noticed that a mini stage was being set up near us, and staff started moving around in front of us. As we were wondering what might happen, the band started running towards the mini stage! And the band started performing on the mini stage right in front of us! We couldn't believe we could see them perform so close to us... we were over the moon!

The show that lasted for almost 2hrs... although we were wondering whether we should go because of busy February, Teruko and I felt that the show was more than worth seeing!

Thank you Coldplay for such a great performance!

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