Feb 25, 2009

エリック・クラプトン東京公演 - Eric Clapton Live in Tokyo





それにしても会場のファンの反応何とかならないかな~ぁ...。アップテンポな曲でもまったく体を動かさずに大人しくお行儀よく聞いてる人が大半。何かクラシックコンサートを見に行ってるようで気持ち悪かった。改めてAcoustic Alchemyのリーダーが僕に言ったことを思い出した。


We went to Nihon Budokan to see Eric Clapton Japan Tour 2009 today.

I had to see Eric Clapton as someone who loves guitar and blues so much. His guitar technique is something that has to be seen live for once at least.

Our seats were perfect - located almost centre in the first row in the first floor stand. Unlike the Coldplay concert the other day, our view was not obstructed by TV cameras. :-) But there were lots of TV cameras as this show will be broadcast on WOWOW soon.

The show had good mixture of blues and classic Eric Clapton songs. Great musicians are really worth seeing live. I was really thrilled to see Clapton's guitar technique live.

By the way, can we not do anything with the crowd's atmosphere? Even with upbeat songs, the majority of the crowd was listening very "politely" and quietly. It really felt like as though we were at a classical music concert. It really reminded me of what the leader of Acoustic Alchemy had told me.

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Like your football crowds.....