Feb 10, 2009

映画「オーストラリア」 - The film 'Australia'









After finishing work, Teruko and I went to Kudan Kaikan today to see the preview of a film 'Australia' with free tickets that I won.

Because they said the film company released extra tickets, I was wondering if it's going to be packed. However, I would say that 30% of the seats were empty.

The film itself lasts for 2hrs 45mins, but in short, it was well worth it! The story happening on the land of great Australia was very moving.

I was very intrigued by the storyline that was built around the spiritual aspects of Aborigine. During my three visits to Australia so far, I heard from my Australian mates and saw all about the issues that Australia had in terms of their handling of Aborigine, while they have been hugely exploiting and benefiting from Aborigine's culture from tourism and financial perspectives. So I really liked this film that portrays their identity and culture with huge respect and precision.

By the way, because there were lots of free translation, I was not hugely comfortable with myself laughing at English jokes while no one else seemed to understand... :-P

I highly recommend this film!

Again, thank you Ticket Pia!

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