Feb 7, 2009

チケット当たったど~ぉ! - I won tickets!







Today started with a surprise early in the morning. A postman came and delivered a fast delivery envelope for me. As I opened it, there were free tickets for a film 'Australia'. Yay!

Thank you, Ticket PIA!

Thanks to my clueless colleague, I had to spend nights and a weekend preparing for a presentation at a company event this week that I delivered after having two needle injections while being sick. It was worth the effort! The presentation was well-received by the senior management, and what a way to finish this week with a "gift" of free tickets for a film!

The dinner tonight was delicious sashimi!

By the way, now I will have to see something "Australian" for two days in a row. I am not sure if that's a good thing...

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